Thursday, November 12, 2009

To begin I just want to tell a little about myself . I am 19 and look like I am 12 . I am taken and I am absolutely in love with Samuel Thacker . He makes my world spin . I was in a wreck on August 17th 2008 and I flew through a window from the back passenger side of the car . I hit my head on a few boulders , broke my back and ankle and I was unconscious 2 months . There is much more to that story that I will more than likely get into later . As if that wasn't enough , four years ago my brother had Leukemia , I've been sexually molested and raped by at least 3 different guys , I used to do drugs and drink every chance I got , but I am slowly turning around . Sam has really helped me with everything . I love him with everything I am , he helps me with anything and everything that I need . =D Well , I guess that's about it for now . I'll write some more later . =D